Choosing a Web browser for the NC High School Computational Chemistry Server

WebMO Pro is the interface used in support of the computational chemistry laboratory. WebMO is primarily a Java-based web tool, which should be accessible by most modern web browsers. If you are using computers that are particularly old, it might be possible that you will not be able to access the server! If this is the case, contact Bob Gotwals at NCSSM, we'll try to provide some assistance!

If you are using a Windows PC computer, you should be able to access the server from all browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE). However, we recommend Mozilla Firefox for both PCs and Macintosh computers.

Download Mozilla Firefox

NOTE FOR WINDOWS Internet Explorer users! It is sometimes the case that animations do not work in IE on Windows machines. You should try to upgrade your Java Virtual Machine to version 1.5.0. To do this, go to the Java download page, scroll down to "JDK 5.0 Update 4", and accept the license agreement. Install this upgrade (I prefer to use the offline version, click on that, run the installer), and reboot your machine.

For Macintosh computers running OS X, we recommend either Firefox or Safari as web browsers. Microsoft IE for Macintosh does not render the job manager correctly.

Download Safari from Apple