Week 16-18:  May 13 - June 3, 2009

FINAL CASE STUDY: this case study represents the culminating activity for this course. This is a an opportunity for you, working in a team-based collaborative manner as is the expectation in a professional environment, to produce a body of work that demonstrates your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in medicinal chemistry to a problem.

  1. Final Case Study
  2. Project Management Worksheet (Excel file): this file, completed in terms of who will be doing which parts, must be submitted via email by the project manager NO LATER THAN 11 pm Monday, May 18th. Earlier submission is strongly recommended!
  3. Case Study Rubric (Grading sheet)
  4. Support Materials
  5. Groups
    • Team A: Ip, Sarasozo, Skakuj
    • Team B: Adloo, Smith, Syed
    • Team C: Amin, Aphale, Moseley
    • Team D: Bradfield, Mariano, Rogers
    • Team E: Cavagnini, D'Costa, Venkateswaran
    • Team F: Colquhoun, Longo, White
  6. Help Schedule: all times 8:30 - 9:30 pm)
    • Computational Chemistry group:
      • Sunday, May 17
      • Thursday, May 21
    • Pharmacology group:
      • Monday, May 18
      • Monday May 25
    • Protein Studies group:
      • Tuesday, May 19
      • Tuesday May 26
    • Last minute questions: Thursday, May 28
  7. PROJECT DUE (by email): 11 pm Tuesday, June 2
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