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Build Formyl Fluoride

Step 1 - Enter build mode

From the Tools menu, choose Tools:Build to enter into build mode. This will allow the addition of atoms to create the HFCO molecule.

Step 2 - Add carbon atom

From the Build menu, choose Build:C to select carbon as the active atom. Singe click somewhere near the center of the editor window to add a single carbon atom.

Step 3 - Add oxygen atom and double bond

From the Build menu, choose Build:O to select oxygen as the active atom. Single click near the carbon atom to add an oxygen atom. Click and drag from the carbon atom to the oxygen atom to add a C-O single bond. Click and drag again to add a double bond.

Step 4 - Add Fluorine atom

From the Build menu, choose Build:Other to bring up a periodic table dialog. Select fluorine from the table by clicking the "F" button (the dialog automatically closes). Single click near the carbon atom to add a fluorine atom to the molecule, and create a C-F bond by clicking and dragging from the carbon to the fluorine.

Step 5 - Clean-Up

From the Clean-Up Menu choose, Clean-Up:Comprehensive. This will add a hydrogen to the unfilled carbon valence, and set the bond angles to 120o, in accordance with the sp2 hybridization of the carbon. The molecule is complete.

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