WebMO Batch Queuing Help


  • WebMO must be installed on a node of the cluster
    WebMO cannot operate correctly unless it is installed directly within the cluster, typically on the head node, or another node dedicated as a WebMO server. This is so that WebMO can access NFS and submit jobs via 'qsub'.

  • WebMO must be installed in a user home directory
    This is required so that WebMO can run under suexec, and that all the nodes on the cluster can write to the WebMO jobs directory.

  • suexec must be installed and enabled
    This is necessary such that jobs can be correcly submitted with 'qsub'. Note that this means that all WebMO-submitted jobs will run under the UID of user 'webmo'.

  • User home directories must be NFS mounted across the cluster

  • Computational chemistry binaries must be stored in uniform locations across the queue
    The location of computational chemistry binaries is configured within WebMO on a queue-by-queue basis. Thus, it is necessary that the location of these binaries by consistent among members of a queue. This is typically not a problem, as heterogenous clusters a frequently divided into several distinct queues.

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